Dubai Offshore Company Registration

Our team is located in Dubai and provides the full service on formation and administration of all types of companies in the UAE. We are the registered agents of offshore companies thus the formation costs we provide are one of the best on the market. Below is the comprehensive overview on all aspects of the UAE offshore company formation in Dubai.

The offshore firm is the legal entity that is registered for the purposes of operations outside of the country and cannot be transformed into the Dubai onshore company.

Advantages of Dubai Offshore Company

  • Complete Dubai tax and duty exemption on all types of income;
  • Time for Dubai company registration – express registration – 2 days;
  • Price for IBC / ICC firm registration and renewal is highly attractive;
  • The least number of shareholders and directors is one;
  • Corporate shareholders from Dubai and abroad are permitted;
  • One hundred percent foreign ownership is allowed;
  • Company director does not have to be the Dubai resident;
  • The offshore companies registry is not accessible by public;
  • The share capital of the company can be any amount in any currency;
  • There is no obligation to deposit share capital in a bank;
  • The licensed registered agent is required and must be appointed;
  • The offshore company registered address is to be located in the Dubai;
  • Dubai corporate address is provided by the offshore legal entity registered agent;
  • Audited financials for IBC are not required whereby financial records are to be kept;
  • Opening company bank account in a bank in Dubai.
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